Environmental Engineer, SRK Consulting

MSc, Environmental Engineering, Colorado; School of Mines, USA, 2011
BSc (Hons), Environmental Engineering, University of Western Australia, Australia, 2002

Xanthe Adams (previously Mayer) has been involved in environmental engineering for the past 16 years. Her expertise includes:  

  • Mine water management and water balances
  • remediation and water treatment: design of remediation measures groundwater, MSc in water treatment, water treatment plant construction and design oversight, conceptual design of treatment plants;
  • mine closure: civil engineering design for mine closure, contract management, construction monitoring;
  • land fill closure: civil engineering design for land fill closure;
  • stormwater and hydrology: stormwater design and management, surface water hydrology, floodplain modelling with GIS and HEC-RAS, mine water balances, mine water management, water quality assessments;
  • software: Excel-VBA application development, ArcGIS for develers, optimization coding, numerical solver development, experience with C++;
  • other: project management, training, EIA studies, ecological indicator assessments and data management;
  • hydrogeology and field skills: hydraulic testing using IPI SWPS wireline packer system, deep well piezometer installations (down to 200m), vibrating wire piezometer installations, hydrogeological assessments;
  • GIS: geographical analysis, HEC-geoRAS.